// New businesses

Most businesses are started because of a good business proposition. The entrepreneur has the technical skills and the commitment to make a success of the business, but usually relies upon others to navigate the legal and financial minefield and to utilise the tax legislation to minimise its impact. You will need guidance on the type of business structure, preparation of a business plan, registration procedures, legal formalities and bookkeeping procedures and software.

Constructive practical advice at this stage is always crucial to the future development of your business. We are very experienced in this area and have lots of ideas accumulated over many years experience. Contact us for an informal chat and see how we can help.

Don’t forget – the HM Revenue and customs require all new businesses to register within 3 months of starting.

There is no charge or obligation for an initial meeting.

We would be happy to discuss fees with you at our initial meeting and quote based on the likely time taken on your affairs. We do not undercut to get your business in the first year and then make a whopping increase in the second!